DFW NORML and the Hemp Water Bottle

Posted on: February 26, 2012

Our Original Article About the Hemp Water Bottle

One of our intentions here at DFW NORML is to further the cause of industrialized hemp. That’s why we’re pledging $200 to kickstart this revolutionary idea.

JD Leadam has 11 days to finish raising $15,000. He’s over halfway there, and with your help, his dream for a sustainable future can be a reality. JD has invented a hemp plastic water bottle. That’s right-a water bottle that is 100% biodegradable and made entirely of industrial hemp plastic. The money will be used to design and create a mold and begin the process of producing hemp water bottles.

Regular plastic water bottles are everywhere. We take them in the car, to the park, and we let our children sip out of them. But these bottles are not environmentally sustainable, and they are not healthy. They’re made up of non-renewable oil and tiny glass fibers. The processes used to create these bottles are harmful for the environment, and once they’re thrown into a landfill, they never decompose. Studies have shown that regular plastic water bottles are unhealthy for humans who drink out of them, too. Plastic bottles that are exposed to heat, like when you leave them in your car, can leach harmful, cancer-causing toxins into your water.

The Hemp Plastic Water Bottle is different. It is safe and 100% biodegradable. A cost-effective alternative to dangerous plastic bottles would completely change the landscape of the marketplace. But to do that, we need to use our money to advance the cause of something we care about. As consumers, it is our responsibility to use our money to make a statement. You do that whenever you support products you believe in, like the Hemp Plastic Water Bottle. You do that whenever you become a member of NORML, too.

Your support of the Hemp Plastic Water Bottle benefits an innovate, environmentally safe product that works for the health and betterment of our planet. It also spotlights the important issue of industrialized hemp, highlighting its myriad benefits and the idea that the legalization of industrial hemp is essential to our country’s economic and environmental survival.

DFW NORML donated $200 to help JD meet his goal. This is where our money goes, where your money goes when you become a DFW NORML member. You help support inspiring ideas and fund groundbreaking products that have the potential to change the world.

Thank You Letter from JD Leadam

I would like to extend personal thanks to Dallas Fort Worth NORML for believing in and for supporting this project. I believe without a doubt that DFW NORML contributed to the growing interest and support for the product. It takes sizable acts of kindness such as these to really make a positive change in our world. With the money raised in my Kickstarter campaign, I will be able to thoroughly test hemp plastic compositions, as well as manufacture a prototype.

This is just the beginning to the growing acceptance of hemp plastic as a viable alternative to petroleum-based plastics. I look forward to a world where the use of non-renewable resources is looked at with disdain. It only takes one person to stand up and make a difference, but it’s a whole heck of a lot easier if that person has the backing and encouragement of many. Together we can, and will, foster an acceptance of this plant.

Thank you for all that you’ve done.

JD Leadam