Fake Pot Controversy Continues in North Texas

Posted on: March 23, 2012

The Fort Worth Weekly referenced our organization in a recent article entitled “Breathing Down Their Necks,” which discussed recent law enforcement activities in Bedford, Texas involving “fake pot.” The article centered around an individual who works at a smoke shop recently targeted for selling synthetic marijuana, and who associates himself with NORML. While we appreciate the right of our supporters to express themselves, we would like to make it clear we are a marijuana law reform group only. Views expressed by individuals claiming membership do not necessarily reflect those of NORML.

While a very large percentage of our membership view our government’s attempts to address social and medical issues of drug abuse within the populous with our criminal laws as one of the biggest failed public policies ever, we do not condone or endorse the use (or abuse) of any synthetic man-made substances made to mimic or appear to be marijuana, a natural and safe substance that humans have been consuming without any serious adverse effects for well over six-thousand years.

Our efforts are focused solely on the re-legalization of cannabis. Cannabis was first outlawed to protect the timber, oil and textile industries against market encroachment by hemp; it is now being pursued with renewed vigor to protect the pharmaceutical industries suffering losses in sales of their far less effective products marketed in states already recognizing the medical uses for cannabis.

Whenever you have prohibition, you create an environment for willing criminals and opportunists to come in and profit by operating under the radar of governmental regulation and taxation. We do not know this “fake pot” to be safe and frankly our concerns are to the contrary. This is particularly so with the recent cat-and-mouse games being played between the DEA and the producers of these compounds attempting to stay ahead of the law to create new not-yet-illegal compounds geared to create a high without any concern whatsoever for quality control or consumer safety. As such we do not want our name associated with synthetic marijuana in any way.

We would like to make the record clear that we do not stand in support of anyone attempting to create and market any knock-off products which in no way chemically resemble the components found in cannabis, a product proven to be safe and effective for human consumption.