March 2012 Meeting Recap

Posted on: April 1, 2012

We had a full house again at our March meeting. I hope you made it in time to get a seat! For those of you who didn’t get a chance to come out and say howdy, you missed a lot of great stuff… but don’t worry, we’re doing it again on April 28.

We heard from Houston medical patient Stephen Keenan, who explained how he deals with a debilitating injury by using medical cannabis to ease his pain and muscle spasms. We also got an update on little Cash Hyde, the youngest medical cannabis patient, who is currently fighting cancer with the help of his life-changing medicine.

DFW NORML board members Eric Moreno and Larry Tally talked about their efforts to start a conversation with Dallas public officials about reducing incarceration and drug use in Dallas County. A task force is now being created to facilitate the discussion of how to make local changes in policy.

Elisabeth explained the lengthy process that is required for a bill to become a law in Texas, and the importance of visiting our representatives in person to talk face to face about the need for marijuana law reform. In conjunction with Texas NORML in Austin, we will host several lobby days where we will visit the state capital to distribute educational information and start a dialogue with our elected officials. We are planning on holding these lobby days about once a month on various Tuesday mornings from April through next January. Email Elisabeth if you’re interested in participating.

Andrea showed us the premium hemp blend shirts that will be available for purchase soon, in styles for both men and women. DFW NORML is proud to offer this high quality product that helps reinforce our support of hemp products.

We are hosting several important events in the coming weeks, including our 4/20 party at Froggy’s, the Lake Arlington Trash Bash, and the Global Marijuana March. We always need volunteers to help work these events, so email Dave if you can help.

The Lake Arlington Trash Bash on April 14 marks our first official community service event for DFW NORML. Not only will we get to donate our time and efforts to keeping our community clean and beautiful, but we will get to spread the NORML message when we all show up wearing our NORML gear.

Our 4/20 fiesta will be at Froggy’s Boathouse in Fort Worth this year. Froggy’s has a nice chill vibe and will be the perfect place to celebrate this holiday with some local music! And of course our yearly Global Marijuana March is coming up again on Saturday, May 5. This year we’re going all out with speakers, music, marching, food trucks, news coverage, the whole thing. It is NOT to be missed!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who made it out. We’ll see you again soon! Herbs the word.