July 2012 Meeting Recap

Posted on: August 2, 2012

This Saturday was our July monthly meeting at Eddie Deen’s Crossroads Barbecue in Arlington. Thanks to everyone who braved the sweltering heat to come out and fill up the restaurant once again!

Our National NORML fundraising event at Froggy’s was a success. We raised over $1,000, donating $500 to the national organization. Every NORML chapter is required to donate a portion of their event proceeds to national NORML. By holding successful events like our Froggy’s Beach Party, we show the national group as well as the rest of the country our success in spreading the word in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

DFW NORML Communications Director Will Jenkins introduced Colin Wham as our newest event coordinator. Colin has been taking the initiative to seek out events where we can bring a NORML presence as well as coordinating volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers to take our message wherever we can. Email Colin@dfwnorml.org to find out how you can help!

Will also discussed the process of passing legislation in Texas. He explained the lengthy process a bill must go through to become law. It must pass through various committees before finally being voted on by both the House and the Senate. Will impressed upon us the importance of presenting a thorough bill to the legislature, one that is well written, full of facts, and clearly states our objective for legalization in Texas. With the 2013 legislative session around the corner, we don’t have a lot of time to develop a bill to present to our representatives. The deadline for filing a bill is November, so we have to work fast. Anyone with experience in this area who is willing to help should email Will@dfwnorml.org right away.

Daniel shared the heartbreaking story of being raided by the Garland police. Although he only had a small amount of cannabis in his home, which got him charged with the smallest misdemeanor Texas has to offer, Garland police raided his home and murdered his dog. His dog was not threatening anyone. He was simply sitting there, and the first thing the police did when they busted through the door was shoot him twice. Because of our ridiculous marijuana laws, Daniel and his family went through not only the terrifying experience of having men with guns break into their home, but the tragic loss of a member of their family as well. People like Daniel are the reason we’re fighting so hard for legalization in Texas. We have to stand up to the police and let them know that their heinous actions in Garland are unacceptable.

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to help end cannabis prohibition in Texas. Don’t miss our next event, the NORML Ace Race at Veteran’s Park in Arlington. Even if you aren’t competing in the disc golf tournament, come and show your support! And of course, thank you to Eddie Deen’s Crossroads Barbecue once again for providing delicious food and a great place for us to all get together.

We’ll see you next time. Our U-Stream from the meeting is embedded below. Herb’s the word!