September Meeting Recap

Posted on: September 28, 2012

75 activists turned out in support of legalization and we brought in over $100 in donations for the chapter and $50 for the Compassion for Keenan fund. It was a wonderful day for the reform movement here in the Lone Star State. DFW Norml is growing larger and larger every day thanks to the generous contributions of time, talent dollars. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Be sure to join us at the Amsterdam Bar for our October Meeting and Cannabis Comedy Show.

UStream Video of the Meeting

Meeting Notes

  • Colin Wham & Kelsey Beene recognized our Cannabis All Star of the month: Loretta Labrada! They presented her with a “Pack NORML with Rick Steves” hemp backpack to say thanks for all the work she’s been doing for DFW Norml. Interested in volunteering for DFW Norml? Email colin [at] dfwnorml [.] org.
  • Shaun McAlister thanked Kathleen Austin of Lubbock Norml for making a $420 donation to DFW Norml by purchasing one of our Texas Hemp Flags.
  • David Sloane introduced our latest weapon against marijuana prohibition: Hydro the Norml Boat as well as DFW Norml’s very own wake boarding team. Check out the video below, created by Shaun McAlister to introduce Hydro to the rest of the world!

  • Will Jenkins talked to us about past marijuana legislation in Texas. He explained the need for more detailed bills to be written in order for the Texas Legislature to take our issue seriously. Our solution? DFW Norml will be writing our own bills to be submitted in 2013. If you have experience in legislation or writing bills, email will [at] dfwnorml [.] org.
  • Elisabeth Rodriguez gave a Norml Women’s Alliance update. She stressed the importance of women getting involved in the campaign for legalization, and announced DFW Norml’s Women’s Alliance Happy Hour. Email elisabeth [at] dfwnorml [.] org for more information.
  • Tristan Tucker updated us on the status of UNT Norml, including new leadership, goals, t-shirts & wristbands. Live in Denton and looking to help out? Email tristan [at] dfwnorml [.] org.
  • Loretta Labrada updated us on our friend Stephen Keenan and talked about the upcoming Compassion for Keenan Fundraiser being held for him on October 13. DFW Norml will be making a $100 donation, supplemented by a $50 donation from the Gary Johnson campaign. They brought out some custom Gary Johnson rolling papers and decided to donate the proceeds to Stephen! Then, Loretta discussed the importance of voting as covered in her latest blog: Why Bother to Vote? She closed with an update on our friends Daniel and Jessica, a couple who’s dog was murdered by Garland Police officers during a no-knock raid.

  • Pete Marrero from Chronic Candy talked about new product coming from his company including Chronic Candy canes and more. Look for them at upcoming DFW Norml events! He also discussed the upcoming release of the film Pot Zombies 2 and invited members out to the Blood Bath Film Festival on October 13 at the Texas Theater in Dallas.

  • Joshua Sherman announced that the mobile version of is now live! Then he told us about his desire to start a DFW Norml Paintball team. Email joshua [at] dfwnorml [.] org to help us make it happen.
  • Madam Mota spoke about her experiences as an activist and a medical professional for cannabis reform.
  • Stephen Benavides told us about the Office of the Police Monitor, an organization being created to investigate police misconduct and hold these officers accountable. They’re hosting an event called The People’s Hip Hop Benefit on 9/30 at La Grange. DFW Norml volunteers will be there with our merchandise table. Won’t you join us?

  • Finally, Shaun McAlister and Will Jenkins talked about their goals and objectives for the 41st Annual Norml Conference in California, including interviews with the biggest names in the reform movement.

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