September 2012 Women’s Alliance Meetup Recap

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Recently, several women from the DFW NORML Women’s Alliance got together in Arlington, Texas to discuss strategies, campaigns, and upcoming events for the group.

People are often very curious about what exactly a women’s marijuana legalization group is all about. A question I hear a lot is, “what exactly does the NORML Women’s Alliance do?”

In short, the NORML Women’s Alliance is a group of politically active women who want to legalize marijuana. We’re educated, pro-cannabis, and we love to get together and talk about it. We like to plan fun NORML events, and we like to meet other women who are interested in being involved.

We are all ages and we come from diverse political and socioeconomic backgrounds. Some of us may enjoy cannabis recreationally while others might use it as medicine. We believe that the war on marijuana is a destructive political policy that carries devastating economic and social implications. We are mothers who want to be able to have truthful discussions with our children about marijuana. We are daughters who find ourselves caring for ailing parents who might benefit from medical cannabis. Some of us have a long history in the legalization movement and some of us have just found our way here.

Why is there a need for a women-centered legalization group? Women are currently the largest growing demographic to support marijuana legalization. Gallup polls from the last several years show an increase in the percentage of women who support legalization, while the percentage of men who want weed legalized remains the same. Government studies show an increase in the number of cannabis consuming women, while the percentage of male smokers hasn’t really changed.

The number of female freedom fighters increases as the oppressive war on drugs just keeps creating a need for more drug law reform activists. The tragedies of prohibition affect women in every area of life, and it’s not surprising that more and more women are educating themselves about the failures of the government’s war on marijuana. Women of every age and occupation find themselves drawn to the drug war as freedom fighters each day.

As much as it is a political group devoted to changing laws, the NORML Women’s Alliance is also a support group for female activists and other women who have been affected by the drug war. We welcome any interested women to the movement and to our local group. If you’ve never come to a DFW NORML meeting or event, we encourage you to start! Come find us at the next DFW NORML meeting. We would love to talk to you about marijuana legalization and what we do for the movement, and we’d like to hear from you about how you want to help, too!

Email to get involved. Herb’s the word.