Afroman and DFW Norml on Hungover With V

Posted on: October 23, 2012

Veronica Navarro, Will Jenkins & AfroMan on Hungover With V

When I got the message from DFW Norml that AfroMan was going to be making a special appearance on Hungover With V for our Day of the Dank Special last Sunday, I was a little bit confused. You see, I’ve had a co-host since the start of the show whose nickname is “Afro Man” and I thought to myself, well, I’m glad he’s coming in to cohost…seeing how that’s really all he’s required to do. So you can imagine how excited I was when the AfroMan (‘because I got high“) showed up in studio.

AfroMan, as we all know, has no problem talking about and creating music in support of the legalization of Marijuana. His grammy award winning song says it all. You could call it the new song that never ends…just add “because I got high.” And we joked a bit on the show about his occasional arrest for possession of marijuana and how it effects his family and kids and AfroMan said it best, his plea to the police “Please, stop taking me to jail. I got kids to support.” Sure, it’s funny when he says it, but the difference between someone like AfroMan and just the average toker is he has the resources to bail himself out of jail. But for most average tokers, this is not the case. Legalizing marijuana isn’t about having the right to be reckless or selling or giving drugs to minors, it’s about stopping the daily disruption of young adults, single parents and people of all ages having to spend money and time in jail for a drug that’s only real crime is being illegal.

DFW Norml’s main mission is to educate and empower folks like you and me to get active and to not be afraid to speak up about your support of the legalization whether or not you are yourself a toker. And that’s as honest as it gets. Sure we can joke about going to jail and sure we can scream and yell loud that we need this to be legalized, but the real difference is showing up to vote for legalization if it appears on a ballot, joining coalitions like DFW Norml and adding your voice to the cause.

I’d like to thank AfroMan for continuing his quest for marijuana justice. I am so grateful for the crew at DFW Norml for bringing their courageous fight to my show on any given Sunday and keeping the information and education flowing. This was indeed a special day for all of us and in honor of AfroMan, let’s not forget to vote to legalize it because we got high, instead let’s vote to legalize it, because we get high.

We had a lot of fun on Sunday and we hope to see you all November 3rd for Day of the Dank. Don’t forget to take advantage of becoming a member for an additional $10 added to your ticket price. The full episode is embedded below. AfroMan shows up around the 00:58:35 mark.

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Will Jenkins on Hungover with V

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