DFW Norml’s Executive Team Heads to Los Angeles

Posted on: October 3, 2012

DFW Norml’s Executive Director Shaun McAlister & Communications Director Will Jenkins are leaving for Los Angeles this week to attend the annual conference of rights organization NORML: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. This year the theme of the event is aptly titled: The Final Days of Prohibition: The 41st Annual Norml Conference.

Due to their amazing success with DFW Norml, Shaun and Will have been invited to speak on a panel entitled “Putting the ‘Grass’ into Grassroots Activism”, alongside Norml members from other chapters from across the country. The focus of their discussion will be how online outreach and community events have helped to make DFW Norml so tremendously successful.

Additionally, Will and Shaun will be in attendance as conference Media professionals. They will be videotaping interviews with speakers and attendees about the current state of the reform movement. The goal is to capture on video as much of the festivities as possible to share with the rest of the worldwide cannabis community.

Join Shaun (@shaunmcalister) and Will (@thinkinjenkins) on Twitter from Oct. 4-6 for commentary from two Proud Texas Tokers looking to make a big splash in Los Angeles.

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