Dorrough Sits Down With DFW NORML

Posted on: October 31, 2012

DFW NORML gains support of platinum recording artist and Dallas legend Dorrough

Last Wednesday we sat down at the Dorrough Music and Prime Time Click studio for a one-on-one interview with Dallas’ own, Dorrough. That’s right, Mr. Ice Cream Paint himself! If you’ve listened to hip-hop anytime recently, you’ve no doubt heard one of the many songs in rotation by this innovative artist. His latest release, titled “Yea Doe”, features other Texas icons Tum Tum, Big Tuck and B-Hamp.

While Dorrough tokes throughout the interview, the marijuana discussion starts at 4:51.

Dorrough has been recognized for providing local talent with a platform to display their skills. With more and more people like this continuing to step up and voice their concerns of marijuana prohibition, one can’t resist feeling that there’s something inherently wrong with our drug laws. Dorrough can attest first hand to the corruptive nature of the Drug Enforcement Agency, so we were excited to have the opportunity to gain insight on the current nature of cannabis prohibition. Citizens’ rights are routinely violated in the name of a so called “War on Drugs” and to what end? Have drugs become less available in your lifetime? I think not.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws would like to thank Mr. Dorrough for showing his support as an entertainer and entrepreneur to end cannabis prohibition in America. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @DorroughMusic for the latest updates and help us continue Ending Cannabis Prohibition One Texan at a Time.