Women’s Alliance Happy Hour Recap

Posted on: October 10, 2012

The women of DFW NORML met up again over the weekend, as The Gingerman Pub in Fort Worth graciously hosted the DFW NORML Women’s Alliance’s first happy hour meet up.

A dozen women, including some long-time DFW NORML members as well as newcomers, gathered on the patio to share food and beer and to discuss politics and legalization. It was a great chance for the women of DFW NORML to get to know each other even better and to meet new activists for the first time as we shared our ideas for the Women’s Alliance and our experiences within the movement.

As usual, a large group of people going out in public sporting DFW NORML shirts can gather a lot of attention for the cause. Throughout the course of the night, several people approached us and thanked us for fighting for legalization in Texas. One woman confided that she used cannabis medicinally, and it was the only thing that helped her through her chemotherapy treatment. These visitors reminded us that many of the people we come across on a daily basis are extremely supportive of NORML’s cause and support legalization in Texas.

We discussed plans for future events and get-togethers, including kid-centric events for activist parents, opportunities for exclusive events between NORML women and local business owners, and creating female oriented t-shirts and other merchandise. We will have more events coming up soon, so stay tuned to find out about all of the exciting things the Women’s Alliance is putting together in the coming weeks!

A big thanks to the Gingerman Pub for providing us with a welcoming environment. They were very gracious and accommodating to our group, and made sure we had everything we needed. Remember, we’re always open to finding new and friendly places to host our meet ups and gatherings. If you would like to host a Women’s Alliance event or meet up in your area, let us know! We want any women who are interested in the cause to be able to attend our events, and having them across the metroplex is a great way to do that.

Email elisabeth [at] dfwnorml [dot] org for more information.