Cannabis Car Wash Video and Recap

Posted on: November 6, 2012

On 9/23/12 we DFW NORML hosted their first Cannabis Car Wash at America’s Best Coffee in Arlington off of Matlock. We washed more than 30 cars (including the Gary Johnson Mobile), gained 5 new members and made $420 for the chapter.

Our volunteers and pro-marijuana signs were seen by thousands of Texans that day and for the most part we received an overwhelmingly positive response. Except for the lady who stopped in the middle of Matlock to yell at a few volunteers about how dangerous and illegal marijuana is, only to get a ticket for stopping in the street and driving without proof of insurance.

Big thanks to Rachel from America’s Best Coffee for hosting us as well as our hard working volunteers.

Camera Operator: Shaun McAlister
Editor: Karl Newman
Music: “Smoke That Weed” by Nice Peter

Photos from the Car Wash

Photos from our rained out car wash on 9/16/12