DFW NORML and the Wailers

Posted on: November 23, 2012

DFW NORML had the privilege of meeting with the Wailers not once but TWICE this past week to talk about marijuana.

The first meeting took place at The AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas. Not only did we meet Koolant Brown, Yvad and Aston “Family Man” Barrett of the Wailers, we were invited to chill out on their tour bus for nearly an hour before the show started, talking and watching the History Channel. Afterwards, we sat down with Yvad and Koolant Brown for an interview where we talked about their unique views on marijuana legalization both as artists and Rastafarians. Topics included the best ganja they’ve ever smoked, King Solomon, politicians smoking pot and of course: Music!

They sang to us three times throughout the interview, including a short segment of their new song “Take Me” that hasn’t been released and a special salute to DFW NORML. Did anyone notice what Yvad drops around the 1:17 marker?

It was so inspiring that a few days later we ended up in Austin, Texas where they performed at the Circuit Of The Americas racetrack during the Formula One Fan Fest where there was over 100,000 people in attendance. When we arrived to meet with them, we were treated as family. Once again, we were invited on the bus and welcomed to stay along with them the entire day! We were the only media allowed to cover their time in Austin and Dallas.

To show how encouraged they are to spread a message of love and unity with the track record of hits under their belt, they performed three shows in one day. Despite the lack of sleep from moving city to city, they played flawless shows. To top it off they were proud to sport our DFW NORML shirts and wristbands on stage during their performance.

DFW NORML would like to thank everyone from the Wailers and crew that made this interview possible. This is what marijuana activism looks like! Herb’s the word.

The Wailers in Dallas


The Wailers in Austin