Russ Belville Debunks Steven Crowder’s Video: MARIJUANA!! The Truth

Posted on: November 30, 2012

By “Radical” Russ Belville

A sad attempt to defuse marijuana legalization from Steven Crowder

I don’t know who the hell Steven Crowder is. I’ll give him points on his delivery, editing, and cinematography, but his supposed “take-down” of pro-legalization arguments is pathetic.

The video is posted on some conservative’s website where the author claims “Steven Crowder destroys pretty much every pro-marijuana argument” and that “Stoners lie. Or they’re just too stupid to know the truth.”

The author declares Crowder’s video to be “awesome” for making the following points:

Marijuana is more harmful than alcohol, not less.
Legalizing pot increases use. It does not decrease it.
There is almost no one in prison for convictions of marijuana use alone.
Marijuana makes you much more likely to suffer from psychosis.
The biggest reason for the increase in use among young people is the propaganda that it’s harmless.

Russ Belville responds to these claims in episode #100 of “the Russ Belville Show”

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