DJ M-Squared Interview

Posted on: December 20, 2012

When 97.9 the Beat radio personality, producer, and “mixtape king” DJ M-Squared sat down for a chat with DFW Norml, he admitted he was new to the pot legalization movement. He’d only recently heard of Norml and its efforts against prohibition, but working with so many musicians and producers on a daily basis, he’d long recognized the creative inspiration that cannabis provides for a lot of artists.

“It helps them to be in a different mindset, to get into the zone and do whatever they need to do,” he said. Recalling one artist in particular, DJ-M said the dude “went from Clark Kent to Superman in two seconds flat” at the studio boards after a pep talk with Uncle Hemp. As conservative as Texas can be on a lot of issues, he sees it as a sign of real progress that the Texas Democratic Party endorses pot decriminilization in its platform. “As goes Texas, so goes the country,” he said re: organized efforts to end prohibition. We’ve got our fingers crossed, too, DJ-M.