NORML Over Here Music Video

Posted on: December 21, 2012

What else can be done to make our holiday Chronica event more interesting and exciting? How about incorporating our first Music video?

That’s right DFW NORML,, PVM Entertainment, and GLOAT Entertainment in conjunction with Rhizomatic Media will be shooting the music video for “We Be NORML Over Here” performed by G Champ, Blueprint Revolution, and IQ Tha Chemist courtesy of GLOAT Entertainment. All are invited to participate! Members and Sponsors will have specific placement in this process, so everybody get ready to be “NORML” and have some fun.

Footage will be taken throughout the night during Chronica to incorporate into the project. Sample the tune below!

Lyrics for “We Be NORML Over Here”

In the words of William Buckley Junior: Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could.

Why you hatin on a shrub?
Spread a little love, in the D-F-dub
And watch it bud, bud
Cuz we be NORML over here

1st verse (iQ)
I’m NORML but this beat ain’t
My verse kill but that green can’t
So I gotta keep a bit of Febreeze
To relieve the room from all of the leaf stank
The research can be easy benefits form a tee-pee
Mellow, calm and breezy or happy, hungry, sleepy
I know that may sound cheesy but them hard core facts
The reason it ain’t legal cuz it’s impossible to tax
Now that’s whack, bushmen country was built on Kush blends
I’m gonna promote until something happens, so who gonna help push for the win?


2nd verse (G. Champion)
Technicalities, normalities, normally not so chattery
But NORML is a reality for recreational and occasionally casually.
DF-Dub take notice keep ya minds open
Its not just smokin its freedom and expression so stay focused.
Logically and obviously thanks to hydro botany
A ton of medical advances check ya history its ordered chronically
And im just statin facts the truth is takin back
420 train movin forward support-n-hop-in-back


3rd verse (Blueprint Revolution)
Ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time
Can I get a signature on this petition, just sign here on the line
The metroplex release your stress lets legalize it
Big brother don’t smother another day of my highness
Don’t miss the boat, light it up an smoke the vote
Spark some hope cuz NORML grows with flows juxtaposed with GLOAT
For the love of the economy we ought to be industrializing hemp
Maybe then the taxes could help Washington pay rent