DFW NORML’s February Meeting Video Recap

Posted on: March 12, 2013

The February meeting of DFW Norml took place at Dallas’ Curtain Club with a friendly, enthusiastic crowd of over 120 folks in attendance. Some important business was discussed: DFW Norml executive director Shaun McAlister hosted and discussed plans for our group’s upcoming regional conference June 7-9 in Fort Worth, where activist and radio host “Radical” Russ Bellville (“the independent voice of Marijuana Nation”) has agreed to speak and participate.

DFW NORML’s Deputy Director William Jenkins also confirmed details for the group’s upcoming 420 celebration (on April 20, duh!) at Dallas’ Green Elephant.

Former executive director Larry Talley talked about the Texas Medical Marijuana Act of 2013, filed as a bill with the current state legislature and awaiting a sponsor.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, one of the founding members of DFW NORML encouraged attendees to write, call, or – better yet – have a face-to-face meeting with their state reps about the legislation. (She also assuaged any fears that playing the role of citizen on this particular topic would somehow “out” people as pot smokers.Thankfully, state officials have better things to do than persecute anyone who gets involved in the political process).

Criminal defense attorney & DFW NORML’s Public Information Officer David Sloane then took the mike to recount an incident when a client texted him about where to find acid. David turned it into a teachable moment, offering this bit of sage legal advice to the texter and the audience: “This stuff’s not private at all. Nothing should go in a text message that you wouldn’t put on a billboard across from a police station.”

C.J. Maestas discussed Cash Hyde, formerly the youngest medical marijuana user in the U.S. who bounced back from cancer complications with the help of refined cannabis oil. The re-criminalization of medical marijuana in Montana halted that treatment; Hyde later died. The Cash Hyde Foundation was created to inform patients and their families about cannabis as a viable medical treatment option.

Finally, Shaun honored Larry with “Cannabis All Star” recognition for his work on the Texas Medical Marijuana Act in particular and cannabis legalization in general. Don’t miss the March meeting of DFW Norml!

Photos from DFW NORML’s February Meeting at the Curtain Club