Videos from the Texas Regional NORML Conference

Posted on: July 13, 2013

Watch the video presentations from DFW NORML’s Texas Regional NORML Conference here! Check back next week for more!

Keith Stroup – NORML – Introductions

Judge Jim Gray – Libertarian Party & Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Russ Belville – – Debunking Goldilocks: The New Drug War Rhetoric

Joy Strickland – Mothers Against Teen Violence

Erik Altieri – NORML – The Dawn of Legalization

Rob Kampia – Marijuana Policy Project

Dr. Russell K. Elleven – Unitarian Universalist Minister – Using Drugs Religiously

Allen Patterson – Chairman of the Tarrant County Libertarian Party

Mike Hyde – Cash Hyde Foundation

Stephen Betzen – Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care

Margarita McAuliffe of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Texas Moms United

Terry Nelson – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Adrian Murray – Founding Member of the 912 Project Fort Worth

Larry Talley – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition & DFW NORML – The War on Drugs in Texas

Russ Belville – – The Box Canyon of Medical Marijuana, 2013

Toni Ann Hanskett-Mills – Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care

Erik Altieri – NORML – Keeping Up the Momentum

Clif Deuvall – Waco NORML – THC Activism

Jamie Balagia – San Antonio NORML – Driving While Intoxicated Under the Influence of Marijuana