Lobbyist Training Session Recap

Posted on: November 18, 2013


This Saturday, members from Dallas/Fort Worth NORML and the NORML Women’s Alliance hosted an educational legislative strategy session at Unity Church of Fort Worth. Our lobbyist training introduced local activists to the Texas legislative process and explained how to participate to help change laws. The next legislative session is in 2015, and now is the time to contact our representatives in their local home offices so in two years they head to Austin with our issues on their minds.

In Texas, the only way to legalize marijuana is for our elected Senators and Republicans to pass legislation. It is up to us to educate ourselves about the truth about cannabis and the failure of prohibition, and pass that message on to our elected officials.

You can easily find your legislator by entering your address. This website will tell you who your U.S. and state Senators and Representatives are. It includes contact information and links to the bills they have sponsored and the committees they serve on. Educate yourself on who they are and what issues they think are important. This will help you relate to them when you’re asking them to legalize marijuana.

Gather the materials you will need to educate your Senator or Representative. You can find copies of all of the educational materials discussed and handed out at Lobbying 101 online. The educational packet is full of facts and good arguments on why marijuana should be legalized for responsible adult use, medicinal purposes, and industrial hemp. Print it out and bring an additional copy for your legislator, or his or her aid, to look at as you go over the facts.

Now is a crucial time for everyone to reach out to their elected officials. The majority of Texans now want to legalize marijuana for responsible adult use. It is high time that our elected representatives begin passing legislation that actually represents the views of their constituents. It is important that each and every one of us write an email or a letter, call, or better yet make an appointment to visit our Senator’s or Representative’s local office and have a friendly and educational discussion about why marijuana needs to be legalized in our next legislative session in 2015.

Still not sure if you’re ready to go talk to your rep? Then come out to our next legislative training session in January 2014! You’ll meet every kind of activist, from people who have been visiting their Representatives for years, to people who are just getting started and are still familiarizing themselves about the legislative process. You’ll find out that calling your Senator’s office isn’t as scary as it may seem, and in fact, is pretty empowering.

We had a tremendous turnout at our first local legislative training session, and we hope to keep growing our group with every meeting we have. Participating in our government is for everyone, and it is crucial that everyone participate if we are going to legalize marijuana in this state.