DFW NORML’s First CD Release

Posted on: December 28, 2013

DFW NORML Presents A Collection of Hits from #Chronica2013.

To celebrate our final event of the year, DFW NORML has partnered up with a number of sponsors and a slew of music groups to produce our very first CD: A Collection of Hits from #Chronica2013.

We had 200 of these CDs made as a way of promoting DFW NORML’s message AND supporting local music. Each of these artists are supporters of marijuana law reform and we encourage you to check them all out and show them some NORML love.

Official Track List:
1. Introduction – DFW NORML’s Executive Director Shaun McAlister
2. Donut Shop – The Effinays
3. Donut Shop on Mars – Sally Majestic
4. Keep It – Sally Majestic
5. Solar – Loyal Sally
6. Clouds – Loyal Sally
7. Howdy Doobi – The Boxer’s Brain
8. The Game – The Boxer’s Brain
9. Emily – Panic Volcanic
10. Skin and Bones – Panic Volcanic
11. Santa’s Super Sleigh Ride – o-HI-oDan
12. I Want Your Love (Bliss) – Soniq Mystic
13. Magik Love Music – Soniq Mystic
14. Norml – Duney Kush
15. Winter’s Bones – Dielex Kemposed
16. Man on Fire – Dielex Kemposed
17. Norml Over Here – Gloat Entertainment
18. Colorado, Mexico – Wrex Washington
19. Muddy – LooseTemper
20. Pharaoh – LooseTemper
21. Sacred Chron – P. Merchant and Blueprint Revolution

About the Groups on This CD:
The Effinays – Funk / Reggae / Rock
Loyal Sally – Rock / Folk
Sally Majestic – Rock / Surf
The Boxer’s Brain – Hip Hop / Rock
Panic Volcanic – Rock / Garage Rock
Dielex Kemposed – Hip Hop
LooseTemper – Hip Hop
Soniq Mystic – R&B / Soul
o-HI-ODan – Classical Piano
Duney Kush – Hip Hop
Wrex Washington – Hip Hop
Gloat Entertainment – Hip Hop
Blueprint Revolution – Hip Hop
P. Merchant – Hip Hop

Thank You to Our CD Sponsors:
Hempy’s Emporium
Ghostlight Concerts
Right Round Productions
Glassblowers Anonymous
Tarrant County Libertarian Party
Hass Productions
Modified Models
Steve Perry Productions
Grow Your Own
Pfaffenshop Illustration & Design
Habits SmokeShop
Meaty Cut BBQ

Shaun McAlister holds the first CD off the line!