January 2014 Meeting Recap

Posted on: January 27, 2014


If there was any question about the amount of support in Texas for marijuana legalization, it was answered by the record turnout at DFW NORML’s first meeting of 2014. There was standing room only at the Whiskey Girl Saloon in Fort Worth as over 200 people filled the bar to learn more about efforts to change marijuana laws here in Texas.

The amount of support DFW NORML is getting is not surprising. A recent poll showed that 58% of Texas voters supported taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol. Media focus on Colorado and Washington’s recent successful marijuana legalization is making a lot of Texans wonder when Texas will go green. The message put forth at the meeting this weekend was clear. If you want marijuana legal in Texas, you have to talk about it-to your friends, family members, colleagues, and most importantly, your elected officials.

As usual, this month’s meeting featured a diverse selection of speakers and attendees, as well as sponsors of DFW NORML whose support is crucial to our growth and progress. Elaine Burn of Groovy Goods has been a longtime supporter of DFW NORML, and this weekend Thomas Barrington of Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo announced his excitement to be working with DFW NORML as well. Both Groovy Goods and Lucky Horseshoe offer discounts to DFW NORML members. We also heard testimony from Modified Models’ Katie Hurley, and young boxer Hector Miguel Orono, Jr., about the positive effects cannabis has had on their lives.

The January meeting was also time for elections to the Board of Directors. The only contested position was that of Deputy Director, and the nominees were Will Jenkins, Tristan Tucker, and Elisabeth Rodriguez. Votes will be tallied shortly and an announcement will be made once the winner of this election is determined.

The newly elected positions are as follows:

Director of Finance is Larry Tally
Secretary is Andrea Brown
Director of Operations is Callie Dee
Public Information Officer is David Sloane
Director of Marketing is Nick Carpenter
Compliance Officer is Leslie Burgoyne

The 2014 Board represents years of experience in the marijuana legalization effort, and brings diverse backgrounds and strong leadership skills to this organization.

Our next events are For the Love of Hemp Hop, a Valentine’s Day Hip Hop benefit show at Club Dada in Dallas, and our second Lobbyist Training Day on February 15 in Fort Worth. Our benefit concerts are crucial to brining in the funds that are required to keep this political movement running, and our free activist training sessions are open to the public and the best way to find out how you can actually make a difference and bring about legalization in Texas.