2014 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth, Texas

Posted on: February 28, 2014

The Global Marijuana March is an annual rally held around the world on the first Saturday in May – and on 5/3/14 the march proudly returns to Mambo’s Tapas Cantina at Federal Plaza in Fort Worth, Texas. Since 1999 over 800 cities from 72 different nations have participated in the Global Marijuana March. Last year we had nearly 500 people and this year we’re gearing up for an even bigger turnout, thanks to our first ever billboard which is currently visible from the Anglin Dr. exit on i20 as you head Westbound from Arlington into Fort Worth. It’s just above the Conoco station!


We currently have nearly 2,000 Texans RSVP’d on Facebook to stand in solidarity against cannabis prohibition. Are you one of them? If not, RSVP today for a chance to win prizes from DFW NORML and our generous sponsors! If you like what DFW NORML is doing to reform marijuana laws in Texas, please consider making a donation or becoming an official member at our online store here.

Hosted and presented by DFW NORML, this FREE event is for anyone who’s fed up with the prohibition of marijuana as a medicine, religious sacrament or simply a safer recreational alternative to pills, alcohol or tobacco. Made possible by the generosity of local businesses, the respectful involvement of local government and law enforcement as well as members of our local media and community, we humbly invite you to stand with us against the costly, ineffective and unjust war against cannabis, hemp and it’s consumers. Texans are ready for a change and this is the day we march together for it!

Your friends, coworkers, kids, parents, grandparents, representatives, local media and socially responsible animals are all invited for a day of music, speakers, vendors, food, prizes and of course – the march itself.

Isn’t it high time you got involved? Spread the word about the Fort Worth Global Marijuana March and plan to attend because together we’re ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time.

The festival officially kicks off at high noon with the march beginning at 4:20pm. You’ll find us at the famous panther fountain located at Throckmorton and West 9th St. at Federal Plaza.

– Shaun McAlister, executive director for DFW NORML.
– Elisabeth Rodriguez, DFW NORML board member and NORML Women’s Alliance coordinator.
– Tristan Tucker, deputy director for DFW NORML and a disabled Navy Veteran.
– Jamie Balagia, public information officer at SA NORML, attorney and Libertarian candidate for Attorney General.
– Rocky Palmquist, 11th generation Texas farmer and Libertarian candidate for Agriculture Commissioner.
– Melanie Johnson Sawford, mother of an epileptic little girl that could benefit from medical marijuana in Texas.

Spoonfed Tribe – Rock / Experimental
The Effinays – Funk / Latin / Reggae
The Boxer’s Brain – Rock / Hip Hop
Shaka – Punk / Ska / Reggae
Panic Volcanic – Rock / Garage Rock

Press inquiries? – Email thedfwnorml@gmail.com. Below is the press we’ve managed to generate so far. Email us if we’re missing a link!

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The 2014 Global Marijuana March is Proudly Sponsored by:

Law Office of Jamie Balagia, the 420 Dude
Lit Fuse Glass
John Tunmire for Tx State Senate
Rocky Palmquist for Tx Agriculture Commissioner
Hempy’s Emporium Smoke Shop
Mambos Tapas Cantina
Right Round Productions
Hass Productions
The Kind Pen
Ghostlight Concerts
Texas Cannabis Report
Libertarian Party of Texas
Glassblowers Anonymous
Chillo Texas Hemp Energy Drink
Johnny’s Star Pipes
Meaty Cut BBQ
The Dallas Collective
Dabbin’ Out Dallas
Grow Your Own
Habits SmokeShop
The Daily Chronic
Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care

Email shaun@dfwnorml.org for information on sponsoring the 2014 Global Marijuana March in DFW. The lineup for this event is full but email callie@dfwnorml.org to add your name to the list of groups for future consideration at DFW NORML events!

A personal invitation from DFW NORML’s Executive Director Shaun McAlister:


DFW NORML is a Texas nonprofit with one goal: #LegalizeTexas! We’ve been representing Texas patients, farmers and responsible cannabis consumers since 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions About NORML

– NORML is a nonprofit, public-interest lobby that for more than 40 years has provided a voice for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition. We represent the interests of the tens of millions of Americans who smoke marijuana responsibly and believe the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana should no longer be a crime. The DFW chapter has been in existence since 2005.

– NORML supports the removal of all criminal penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including the cultivation for personal use, and the casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts. This model, similar to that recommended to Congress by President Nixon’s esteemed Shafer Commission in 1972, is called “decriminalization.”

– NORML additionally supports the development of a legally controlled market for marijuana, where consumers could purchase it from a safe, legal and regulated source. This model is referred to as “legalization.”

– NORML believes that marijuana smoking is not for kids and should only be used responsibly by adults. As with alcohol consumption, it must never be an excuse for misconduct or other bad behavior. Driving or operating heavy equipment while impaired from marijuana should be prohibited.

– NORML strongly supports the right of patients to use marijuana as a medicine when their physician recommends it to relieve pain and suffering. NORML has advocated for the legal use of medicinal marijuana since 1972.

– Lastly, NORML supports the right of farmers to commercially cultivate the non-psychoactive strain of cannabis known as hemp for industrial purposes, such as food and fiber production.