Convince Senator John Carona About Cannabis Phone and Email Bomb

Posted on: February 11, 2014

Six term Republican Texas Senator John Carona was recently quoted in a radio and web story by KERA saying some unsettling things about the war on drugs. According to Mr. Carona:

“Drug policy in Texas and marijuana legalization is not going to happen in 2015,” he said. “All anyone needs to do is look at the makeup of the House and the Senate, realizing how conservative we are here in Texas. That hope for change is just wishful thinking… Pardon the pun, but those people are high.”*

So on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, we as drug policy reformers are going to make sure that Carona’s office understands that 58% of Texas voters now support making marijuana legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol.

Starting at midnight we will begin urging Senator Carona to change his misguided stance on marijuana. To help you be as effective at this as possible, DFW NORML will be providing form letters for you to fill out and email as well as scripts you can use for phone calls, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.

If you truly support legalization in Texas, then RSVP to this event on Facebook and participate. Encourage your friends to participate, even if they don’t smoke because marijuana prohibition impacts ALL Texans. Help us change Senator Carona’s mind and together we’ll continue ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time.



Carona’s District Office Address:
8080 N. Central Expy.
Suite 1440, LB 44
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 378-5751
FAX: (214) 378-5739

Carona’s Capitol Office Address:
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711
(512) 463-0116
Fax: (512) 463-3135

John Carona Campaign
P.O. Box 600035
Dallas, TX 75360-0035
(214) 303-5510



Twitter: @JohnCarona


Sample Form Letter:
Dear Mr. John Carona,

My name is Shaun McAlister and I’m a natural born Texan who has lived in Dallas/Fort Worth for nearly 30 years. I’m a family man and a small business owner that pays his taxes and votes. I’m writing to you today to urge you to courageously support medical marijuana, industrial hemp and full blown legalization in the Lone Star State. Why? Because the prohibition of marijuana has caused more harm to Texans than the plant ever could. Allow me to explain:

Marijuana has never kicked in the doors of citizens during a no-knock raid. Marijuana has never shot the family dog. Marijuana has never stolen someone’s children away from them and has NEVER caused a single fatality in over 5,000 years of known human use. Marijuana PROHIBITION on the other hand, continues to do all of these things every day.

When the laws that prohibit a behavior become more dangerous to society than the behavior itself, it’s time for a change in our laws. Texans deserve safe access to this life-saving medicine, which is far less dangerous (and addictive) than LEGAL drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.

Conservatively speaking, over 58% of Texans support legalizing marijuana and regulating it like alcohol. As your constituent, I’m urging you to do more than timidly support medical marijuana. I’m asking you to be the courageous John Carona we all know you can be. Represent the will of the people and do not continue to mock the patients, farmers and every day citizens that are impacted by this never ending war on drugs, which is really nothing more than a war on our own people.

This is your chance to make a lasting impact on the state of Texas that will be felt around the globe. Now is the time to change your tune Mr Carona. My question to you is, do you have the courage to represent Texans in an age of medical marijuana? I certainly hope so, otherwise we will be voting ONLY for individuals that will respect and represent the will of the people.


Shaun McAlister
Executive Director

Sample Tweets:
Here are a few sample tweets you can use to get the good Senator’s attention on the topic of marijuana law reform in Texas. Use these as is or as a starting point for your own tweet! Just make sure to include our hashtag ‪#‎convincecarona‬!

Howdy @JohnCarona! Did you know that 58% of Texans support legalizing marijuana and taxing it like alcohol? via @dfwnorml #convincecarona

Yo @JohnCarona! As a voting, tax paying Texan, I urge you to support industrial ‪#‎hemp‬ and ‪#‎mmj‬ legislation! via @dfwnorml #convincecarona

Reps shouldn’t be “turning a deaf ear” to the will of the ppl, @JohnCarona. It’s time to ‪#‎LegalizeTexas‬! via @dfwnorml #convincecarona

Laws shouldn’t be more dangerous than the crime, @JohnCarona. ‪#‎Prohibition‬ has failed. It’s time to ‪#‎Legalize‬! via @dfwnorml #convincecarona

Legalize medical ‪#‎marijuana‬ for Texas patients, veterans & seniors or we’ll vote you out of office @JohnCarona! @dfwnorml #convincecarona

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