For the Love of Hemp Hop 2014 Recap

Posted on: February 16, 2014


DFW NORML’s first fundraiser for 2014 and 2nd annual Hip Hop show was booked for Friday, February 14th and cleverly named “For the Love of Hemp Hop”. Groups and performers were booked and it promised to be a good night.

Weeks leading up to the event, Executive Director, Shaun McAlister, posted on social media for all the local emcees to submit their best “smoking” music for a promotional CD we would put out at the event. We were FLOODED with some really great tracks, but only 20 could make it. It was a close call. The promo CD really helped create a buzz amongst the hip hop community itself. Out and about at different events, performers would tell me either a) they submitted a track and thank you or b) they didn’t make the deadline and were super bummed. I love how DFW NORML has become such a respected brand amongst the music community.

Night of, people were out and about in Deep Ellum! My normal parking lot was packed, but luckily I got one of two spaces left. I arrived to the venue, set up the door procedures, worked out the minor details with the staff and performers and “For the Love of Hemp Hop” began! Wrex Washington always does a great job emceeing our events, so I communicated with him the line up and let him do his thing.

From 9pm till 1am a steady flow of people came through the door. Surprisingly, a lot of very attractive, well dressed ladies. I’m used to Hip Hop being mostly a male sport. Assasinate and DJ Tums of KuThroat Ent started out the night with a little mood music and a few scratches on the Turntables.

Kye Yote was the first performer. He came up and did a great set. His music has a main stream appeal, talking about the struggles of coming up as a musician. Good stuff. He even had a radio edit version of his CD for me to play on The Southside Pirate. He’s a rather new face for me in Dallas, but if he keeps up his grind I’m sure we’ll see him on some larger bills. Perfect opener to get the mood of the night going.

Next Up, Gloat Entertainment. I had only heard about this group because of NORML, and they were one of the first acts booked. The group consisted of three members, one who is also in The Boxer’s Brain. They did well playing off the audience, interacting with each other and put on a great 15 minute set.


Then, Wrex Dub spit a few tracks with a freestyle. Girls were up in the front dancing, the whole crowd bobbing to the beats. We had started a bit late, so all the acts went up fairly fast making up time. Wrex did a great job of getting the groups on stage in a timely manner and the DJ’s were on point with the tracks.

Loose Temper hopped on stage next. These younger cats always come with a huge group of supporters. Another group I’ve only been familiar with because of Norml. They have that newer Little Wayne/Wocka Flocka sound with a few trap beats so a little more on the mainstream side. You can’t deny when performers bring numbers through the door.

Then straight from the 817 and with a newly released Mix Tape, Fort Nox. I have heard SO MUCH buzz about this old school group and had yet to see them perform. I see a few of the members out and about at other local shows, supporting and I know they play at Froggy’s and Sandaga quite a bit. I’ve been bummed to always miss this group and were excited when they agreed to the Norml event. They put on a classic Boom Bap Hip Hop show with great flow, rhythm and that old school feel. The ladies stayed in the front and the crowd continued to dance.

Adriel aka “WordLife” is one of the best when it comes to branding. He has dubbed himself “King of All Fresh” and is never lacking in the merch department. I visited with them outside before their set and a group of young adults were each picking out different shirts and each bought something. He mentions a lot of blue designs he’s about to pick up stating, “I usually design stuff around my shoes. I’ll want stuff to match so this time, it’s blue.” WordLife & Accomplice and crew take the stage. There’s about 4-5 guys in the back acting as “Hype” men, all dressed in KOAF clothing. WordLife is sponsored by Raw Papers, so he took the time to hand out some Raw lanyards and papers. Telling you, King of All BRANDING is what he should call himself!

Last but not least, The Boxer’s Brain. They always put on a great set, kind of the country side of rap if there even is such a thing. If there’s not, The Boxer’s Brain just invented it. It’s a mix of a full band with two Emcees, clever word play, thought provoking lyrics, and music that makes you wanna get a little rowdy and maybe drink and smoke a few. These guys are really cool, bring out people who support, and have become a Norml favorite.

We ended the night raffling off more items including vape pens, glass pieces and a few Norml hoodies. Shaun wore a storm trooper helmet the last 30 minutes or so while giving out items. He asked me to say something and darn it, I’m cool as a cucumber until someone hands me a mic. Then my throat closes, stomach knots up and I feel all the eyes on me, burning a hole into my existence… I need to get over that I guess. Baby steps. Luckily I think everyone was a little tipsy and otherwise so no one noticed my lack of stage presence. One can only hope. Shaun takes the stage and does another passionate speech about legalization that only he can do. This is why he is the Executive Director, guy has a passion for this cause and relays it in a very motivational way.

We had an amazing evening and raised almost $2,000 in donations! Everyone enjoyed themselves, a few people were introduced to Norml who may not have been otherwise, and we showed Dallas why we are one of the top branded, if not THE top branded, NORML Chapter in the nation. Gets me a little excited to think about the things we are able to do for Texas Legalization because of events like this.

I want to personally thank all the artists who were involved and DONATED their time for the cause. A big thanks to DJ Assasinate and DJ Tums because they held down the decks all night, standing for long amounts of time and keeping the party atmosphere going! Thank you to Club Dada for having us, Adam Hess for helping with the volunteers, Chris Dobson for having my back all night and Shaun McAlister for being such a great leader. Special shout out to the media, especially Jerad Akin, for getting the photos and videos up so fast!!!

Great start to a great year FULL of amazing events! Next up, 4/20 at Club Dada again with the guys from Demonic Chronic Film Festival!!!


– Kye Yote
– Gloat Entertainment
– Wrex Dub
– LooseTemper
– Fort Nox
– Word Life
– The Boxer’s Brain
– Kutthroat Ent- DJ Assassinate & DJ Tums

– Right Round Productions
– Ghostlight Concerts
– Hass Productions
– Glassblowers Anonymous
– Desiree Doe Custom Art
– Modified Models
– Grow Your Own
– Seven Ten Vapors
– Hempy’s Emporium SMOKE SHOP
– Groovy Goods
– Habits SmokeShop
– Meaty Cut BBQ
– Kind Klicks


For the Love of Hemp Hop 2014 Full Track List:
1. Canvas Shoes – Halcyon Exchange
2. Headphones – The Boxer’s Brain
3. Rolling Something Up – Kilo Art-of-Fact ft Molekular
4. Swishas – Crooked Poet
5. What I Feel – Fort Nox
6. The Red Eye – Scott Johnson
7. Roll Out – Word Life
8. Chiefin Time – Yung $pitta
9. Blue Skies – Dru B Shinin’
10. Nights Like Vegas – Kurtis Burke
11. Wake Up – Gloat Ent
12. Feedback Pattern – P. Merchant ft Gusto
13. Smoke the Pain Away – Phokus ft ft Louie Rock and Camacho
14. Say I’m High – K Bublee ft B
15. How to Be a Player – LooseTemper
16. Gettin Thoed Again – Cory Kendrix
17. Weed Man – G-True of the Game Boyz
18. So Throwd – Ducado Vega ft Big Mouth
19. I’m High He’s High – Jourdan Boyle ft Myneiss
20. King Kush – Duney Kush
21. Til the Bitter End – Kyeyote

Media Requests About the CD:
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Photos from Hemp Hop 2014
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