ONGOING: Mark Davis Phone and Email Bomb for Marijuana Legalization

Posted on: February 18, 2014


Most Texans are familiar with conservative talk show host Mark Davis of the The Mark Davis Show on 660 AM The Answer – and on 2/11 Mr. Davis weighed in on the marijuana legalization debate. His full “opinion” piece can be found here:

Here are a few quotes from Mark Davis:
– “Ask any advocate to name one societal benefit of the legalization of more drugs. They cannot.”

– “In an age when the very value of work is under attack from various factions, the last thing we need is waves of experimentation with a drug that tells users to sit down and turn on the TV for six hours.”

– “If they tell you pot is “safer than alcohol,” offer a choice of whom to hop in a car with: someone who’s had one beer or someone who’s smoked one joint.”

As expected, he recites many of the familiar talking points that have already been debunked by things like science, statistical data and more than 20 states in this country with some form of safe access to cannabis.

Clearly Mark needs an education about cannabis law reform and how it could benefit the state of Texas! So on Friday 2/21 we hosted a phone/email bomb aimed at educating this conservative radio host. It has since morphed into an ongoing effort to get the opinions of Texans who believe marijuana prohibition should end, on the Mark Davis Show and other radio talk shows. Mr. Davis has even been so bold as to say on the air that he’s becoming more of the “NORML Station” and has mentioned us several times over the air since this began so let’s keep it alive!

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The Mark Davis Show airs weekdays from 7am – 10am so every day we hope that DFW NORML and supporters of legalization in Texas will flood the Mark Davis Show with phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts meant to educate this influential radio personality about how ending the failed prohibition of cannabis can benefit the state of Texas.

Be willing to be heard and together we’ll continue ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time. Herb’s the word!


Phone: (866) 660-5759
Twitter: @MarkDavis

Mark Davis claims that we cannot name one societal benefit of legalizing marijuana. Here are 15 from Ken Ashby, Dallas, Libertarian candidate for U.S. representative, District 5.

1. It improves control. Regulate marijuana like alcohol. Hard drugs would require prescriptions.

2. It reduces corruption. Let legitimate industry profit instead of organized crime.

3. It defunds gangs. Legal sales put street dealers out of business.

4. It cuts property crime. Black-market prices motivate most break-ins.

5. It helps secure borders. Make smuggling as obsolete as bootlegging.

6. It frees police, courts and prisons. Make room for violent offenders.

7. It relieves taxpayers. The drug war has cost trillions, but legalization generates revenue.

8. It ends the police state. Wiretaps, searches, raids and forfeitures are a drug war legacy.

9. It saves lives. The black market is notorious for poisonous impurities and unknown dosages.

10. It removes the gateway. Who pushes hard drugs — an illegal dealer, or a licensed cannabis shop?

11. It protects children. Illegal dealers sell to kids. Legal retailers check IDs.

12. It treats addicts. Those seeking help will no longer get criminal records.

13. Provide medicinal use. Marijuana relieves glaucoma and chemotherapy side effects.

14. It promotes lawfulness. Prohibition breeds disrespect for police among otherwise good citizens.

15. It restores personal responsibility. Government will not protect you from your own stupidity.

Drug prohibition, like the Middle East war, is a big-government failure. It is time conservatives woke up to that fact.