Republican US Senate Candidate Spars with Voters on Marijuana Policy

Posted on: February 17, 2014


PORT O’CONNOR, TX — Chris Mapp is running for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate against cannabis prohibitionist incumbent, Republican Senator John Cornyn.

Yesterday Mr. Mapp may have committed political suicide.  He took to Facebook Sunday afternoon to spar with voters about marijuana policy.  Mapp took reefer madness to a whole new level and posted this status on his campaign page:

“I have just been engaged by the Cannabis, Ganja, grass, Hashish, Hemp, Indian hemp, marijuana, Pot, reefer, weed voter and I want to be clear that it would be best if you love the above listed products to vote for someone else.  There are six other candidates running – pick one.   Thank you, Chris Mapp”

At first it seemed as if Mr. Mapp was still stuck in the 1930’s with his views on marijuana, a non-toxic healing substance which has never killed anyone in history. He stated that marijuana causes seizures and other falsities.

When he was asked by a navy veteran about medical marijuana Mapp told him to “Man up” and “No sir, no apology here and for me to enable you to continue playing the victim will not happen.”

Chris Mapp would appear to be delusional since he followed that up with, “If you believe I am hypocritical on this topic then let me say now that you can pull your head out of your ass for 30 seconds.”

This is not how you speak to voters, especially those who make up such a significant voting bloc.

After several hours and hundreds of comments from angry constituents he posted this status:

“After all day of fighting the Cannabis crowed which I called the legalize crowd, call it what you will. I would support medical extractions of chemicals that would make good qualities in meds as does properties of heroin. BUT I WOULD NOT SUPPORT LEGALIZING CANNABIS FOR PUBLIC USE AND THESE INDIVIDUALS LIKE TO HIDE BEHIND THEIR REAL PURPOSE, ‘IT IS FOR THE CHILDREN YOU KNOW”. THEN THEY SHOULD CONCUR WITH MY POSITION; ACCEPTING ONLY REGULATED PRESCRIBED MEDS OF CANNABIS ORDERED BY A DOC AND NOT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.

Unfortunately Mr. Mapp, California is not a legal state….yet.

In the course of a few hours Mr. Mapp went from one end of the spectrum to the other on medical marijuana but still compared it to heroin!  He was even quoted saying, “The medical use of Marijuana is great.”

Then he immediately followed statement with that he is against legalizing recreational marijuana.

Mr. Mapp is so out of touch he even said, “Give me 5 politicians that would support your case.”

Last week 18 members of congress just asked President Obama to reschedule marijuana.

He ended his last rant with “I challenge you to find one U S Senate candidate that supports this bullshit.”

We accept your challenge Mr. Mapp and raise you a sitting U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman & Former Prosecutor, the honorable Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

Chris Mapp is extremely out of touch with society, reality and the voters of Texas.  Texan’s not only overwhelmingly want medical marijuana but 58% also support ending cannabis prohibition completely.

Chris Mapp, we highly suggest that you get a different campaign strategy.  Telling veterans to man up and people not to vote for you, Mr. Mapp, does NOT win elections.