Posted on: April 11, 2014

DFW NORML To Sponsor First Of Its Kind Event – Demonic Chronic 48 Hour Film Race – Kick-Off Party April 18th @ Wit’s End – Wrap Party April 20th @ Club Dada – Screening Party April 28th @ Texas Theater

Apr. 11, 2014 – Dallas, Texas – In honor of 4/20, the happiest day of the year, the Dallas / Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML) is proudly sponsoring the Demonic Chronic 48 Hour Film Race, April 18th – 20th; followed by a screening party on April 28.

The Demonic Chronic 48 Hour Film Race is the first of its kind; blending two of the best things on earth, movies and weed. After the participants have received their copies of the rules and entry forms, they will be given 48 hours to write, film, and produce a 4-7 minute “stoner” short film. The Kick-Off Party will begin at 7pm, on Friday the 18th. Here, contestants will receive their submission packets and be able to register for the competition, if they haven’t already; all while partying down at Wit’s End in Deep Ellum.

After the kick off, the race is on! From there, entrants will have 48 hours to complete their films, using as many weed related references as possible. Then on 4/20, or as some like call it, “Stoner Christmas,” the participants will gather once again, this time at Club Dada, for the Wrap Party, where they will submit their completed films.
Finally, when the smoke has cleared and the films have been reviewed by the judges, both the filmmakers and public attendees will gather one last time at Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff, for a screening party. After all of the films have been viewed, the awards and prizes will be given. Completed film submissions will be judged based upon the criteria of creativity and the use of storytelling, creative use of genre and elements, and adherence to the competition’s rules. Awards and prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well awards for “Best Use of Weed” and “Best Product Placement.”

The Demonic Chronic 48 Hour Film Race will be sponsored by DFW NORML, iamshaun.com, VideoBlocks.com, Graphicstock, Filmmaker’s Ronin, Fringe Media, Le nouvel angle du monde – New World Angle, Glassblowers Anonymous, Hass Productions, and Retro Revolution.

Entry fees for the film race are $75 for regular registration and $100 for late registrants. All teams must be registered and have paid their entry fees prior to attending the main Kick-Off event. More details about the film race can be found at http:/www.DemonicChronic.com.

Please join us for a weekend full of entertainment and a film race like you’ve never seen before!