Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on: October 2, 2014

Here at DFW NORML we are all about education and we believe that humanity has been brainwashed into believing that chemotherapy and prescription drugs are the only effective treatment for battling cancer. Every year we Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), come and go in a sea of pink t-shirts and car magnets, while society largely ignores the color they should be focusing on for beating cancer: GREEN. So to combat this lack of information, DFW NORML has created our first ever BREAST CANCER AWARENESS wristband, featuring the slogan “The Breast Answer for Cancer” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014 and we also put together this short list of resources you can share with others about marijuana and cancer, including studies, articles video clips and documentaries.

Get your pink wristband today while supplies last for a $10 donation here: Wristband artwork designed and donated by Shaun McAlister of


1. Reports How Cannabis May Help in Breast and Ovarian Cancer Treatment
2. Cannabinoids As Cancer Hope
3. Study: Habitual Marijuana Smoking Not Associated With Increased Risk Of Lung Cancer
4. Cannabis Is “An Effective Treatment” For Cancer Patients, Israeli Study Concludes
5. 20 Medical Studies That Show Cannabis Can Be A Potential Cure Cancer


Clip: The Endocannabinoid System and How THC *CURES* Cancer w/ Dr. Christina Sanchez

Documentary: What If Cannabis Cured Cancer – Full Movie

Scientific Explanation: HOW and WHY does Cannabis Cure Cancer

Interview: The Cannabis Cancer Cure with Rick Simpson

Interview: Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana, Cheryl Shuman Cured Herself of Cancer