Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally at Trinity Park Pavilion 3 in Fort Worth, Texas

Posted on: January 25, 2015

Please note that the LOCATION HAS CHANGED from Newby Park to Trinity Park Pavilion 3 (2401 University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76107).

Back in October of 2014, Texas Children’s Hospital of Houston announced their official participation in the first worldwide clinical trial for Epidiolex® in children with Dravet syndrome.


Since that time, we at DFW NORML have been hearing rumors and whispers that a hospital in North Texas is also in talks to participate in this study or one similar. As advocates for medical marijuana in Texas, we are rallying in support of any medical research that could benefit Texas patients through safe, legal access to cannabis.

While this study is currently limited to CBD-only medicines, we at DFW NORML feel this is an important first step in the medical community acknowledging the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine for Texas patients. This rally will be held in support of continued research and to further educate the medical community at large about the urgent need for whole plant medical marijuana, as supported by the following quote from Staff Neurosurgeon and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

“I think the push for CBD-only legislation reflects a lack of understanding of the science involved. If we turn cannabis into a single compound medicine—this is CBD, and nothing else—I think we’re going to find it doesn’t work as well as a whole plant extract. And the danger is that if it doesn’t work as well, people will think that it’s a bust, when in fact, you really need the whole plant to get maximum benefit. Certainly with marijuana the whole plant works better than the single-compound derivatives people have become so focused on.”


Please join us at Trinity Park Pavilion 3 in Fort Worth on Saturday February 7th from 12pm – 4pm for the first annual Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally including parents, patients and activists speaking out as well as live music, food and vendor booths. Isn’t it high time you got involved?

Mark your calendars and RSVP on Facebook for up to the minute announcements:



– Dean Bortell, a disabled veteran and a software engineer by trade, became a cannabis activist in 2013 after his oldest daughter Alexis was diagnosed with epilepsy. After witnessing the horror of pharmaceutical failure and withdrawals, he has dedicated his life to changing cannabis laws here in Texas. Founder of Team Alexis.

– Alexis Bortell is the 9 year old daughter of Dean Bortell who was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013. Several pharmaceuticals have failed her and since 2013 she has been hospitalized 3 times due to her condition. She now dedicates all her free time to ‘educating’ adults on the need for medical cannabis here in Texas not just for her but for the tens of thousands of Texans that can’t do it for themselves.

– Barbara Humphries: I am 31 years old and fighting or my life with aggressive stage 3 Invasive Breast Cancer; I attended my first P.A.C.T.(Patients advocating for Cannabis Therapeutics) meeting at the Capitol in Austin Texas 3 days after my last chemo treatment and began Lobbying for Medical Cannabis Use. Chemo is a drug that builds in your body through continuous use and without Cannabis I would be a dead woman walking; 6 months of continuous chemo & I am as healthy as I could hope to be. I have been affiliated with DFW NORML & will be speaking at the Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally in Fort Worth on Feb 7th; I am excited for this opportunity & will do my best to represent the many patients fighting in this great state of Texas! I have seen firsthand the benefits of Cannabis not only with my own personal fight but in the last months of my fathers life while caring for him. Doctors refused to treat him if he didn’t stop using Cannabis and I saw him progressively get worse until I eventually lost him. I will stand loud and proud and speak for all of you who could greatly benefit from Medical Cannabis. I will fight for me, I will fight for my dad, & I will fight for each and every one of you.

– Tracy Ansley, DFW NORML Patient Outreach Coordinator. Tracy has over 25 years experience in direct patient care and is presently working toward her Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. She became a Medical Cannabis Advocate after witnessing several patients and two family members die due to the side effects of prescription medications.

– Shaun McAlister is the executive director of DFW NORML, one of the largest and most active NORML chapters in the country as well as one of the organizers of the Cowtown Medical Cannabis Rally. Picked as a High Times Freedom Fighter of 2012, Shaun works for himself as an “independent creative” specializing in video, photo and graphic/web design work at

– Adam Hess, a father of three young children, has been a disabled medical marijuana advocate, as well as an active member with DFW NORML since 2012. Shortly after joining the organization, his oldest son Bruce, more commonly known as #Brucezilla was diagnosed with a massive tumor on the left side of his brain causing seizures and many other behavioral and physical difficulties. Knowing medicinal marijuana could successfully treat his son’s illness, but not being able to utilize it for fear of legal repercussions against his family, he has dedicated his life to changing Texas’ marijuana laws so that our parents too can have access to a safer and more effective treatment for their children.

– More speakers to be announced.