N6420 Tournament – Video Games for a Dope Cause!

Posted on: August 14, 2015

Calling all retro gamers and ganja enthusiasts! DFW NORML is hosting our first ever #N6420 Video Game Tournament on Monday night 9/14 at the House Sports Bar & Grill as a fundraiser for our nonprofit organization to help pay for a TV commercial to promote the upcoming 2nd annual Dallas Marijuana March on a major network.

The tournament will be played on Nintendo 64s and participants will play 3 games total. The first two games are Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Brothers. The third game will be decided on by our VIP participants, between either Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. The winner will be determined by averaging scores from all 3 games.

The online pre-sale cost is $20 until 9/12 then it’s $25 at the door for the Regular Participant or $50 for VIP which includes a DFW NORML wristband, t-shirt, food & drink as well as a vote in which will be our 3rd game and a few other surprises! The tournament will be bracket style and will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as surprise participation prizes.

Prizes include water pipes, oil rigs, vaporizers, t-shirts and other goodies! Don’t miss your chance to beat DFW NORML board members Shaun McAlister, Adam Hess and Jeff Pender in this one-of-a-kind fundraising event.

We have 8 prizes total and they will be awarded to:

1. Overall Winner of all 3 games
2. Mario Kart Winner
3. Super Smash Bros Winner
4. Goldeneye / Perfect Dark Winner
5. Oldest / Most Senior Participant
6. Worst Overall Player
7. Best Gamer Name
8. It’s a Surprise!

Registration is now open and space is limited. Isn’t it high time YOU got involved? Register here: http://dfwnorml.myshopify.com/products/n6420-tournament-registration

RSVP on Facebook to stay up to date with announcements concerning prizes ( like the best gaming keyboards), perks and other important tournament information: https://www.facebook.com/events/877387052316217/

– 710 Vapors
– Hempy’s Emporium SMOKE SHOP
– PPV Pipes, Papes & Vapes Arlington
– Mother Earther
– iamshaun.com
– The House Sports Bar & Grill
– Twisted Smoke
– Dab Straw
– Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo