Carroll St. Cleanup on April 2nd in Fort Worth

Posted on: March 1, 2016

DFW NORML adopted the 100-700 blocks of Carroll St. back in 2013 and has been working to keep our little piece of DFW clean ever since! We even have signs at both ends of the street that say “This Street Adopted by DFW NORML.”

We adopted this street to show Dallas / Fort Worth that supporters of marijuana law reform in Texas care about more than just “getting high” and they’re willing to get their hands dirty to make the community a better, cleaner place for us all.. And now it’s time to take out the trash once again! We hope you’ll join us for another NORML Street Cleanup on Sunday 3/27.

In addition to cleaning up, we’ll be wearing NORML shirts and hoodies and passing out free stickers and information to the people in the area since we’re right by the very busy Montgomery Plaza.

Plan to arrive by 12:45pm so all volunteers can sign in, pick up available safety vests, equipment and we’ll get started by 1pm. When we finish, there will be a FREE, Volunteer-Only raffle to say thanks.

Not sure where to go? Click here:

Invite your friends to help make DFW a more NORML place to live. After all, isn’t it high time YOU got involved?