Dallas Marijuana March 2016 Scheduled for October 29

Posted on: October 10, 2016

For the 3rd year in a row, DFW NORML is proud to present the Dallas Marijuana March on Saturday 10/29 at JFK Memorial starting at 2pm, with a march to Dealey Plaza and back. #DallasMJMarch2016 is free to attend and open to the public. Date and time already confirmed with Dallas Police Department.

2pm – Event staff & attendees begin gathering at JFK Memorial.
3pm – Speakers begin at JFK Memorial.
4:20pm – March from JFK to Dealey Plaza.
5:20pm – March back from Dealey Plaza to JFK.
6:30pm – Dallas Marijuana March concludes.

Stay tuned to our official Facebook event page for additional details.

For the first time ever, an active duty Dallas Police Officer will be speaking at the Dallas Marijuana March!

1. Nick Novello was born in New York in 1953. After serving 10 years of active duty in both the Navy and Army, he attended Florida Tech, and received an MS in Business. He joined the Dallas Park Police in 1982, (merged with DPD in 1986) and has been a beat officer for 35 years. Over time, he began to understand that there are serious flaws in the policing process, particularly where incarceration in concerned, and was compelled to seek reform, with an emphasis on ending the war on drugs. “We are preying on those we have sworn to protect, and this perverse dynamic is felt most in black and brown communities. Reform has become the imperative of the day.” – Officer Nick Novello

2. Jeremiah Looney is a medically separated Army Veteran turned activist who’s activism led him to running for mayor of his hometown of Whitewright, Tx and winning! Mayor Looney plans to spark changes from inside the system.

3. Dena Kirk is entering the cannabis industry as a business consultant, helping dispensary owners with the documentation necessary to receive their licenses from the State of Texas. As the wife of a U.S. Navy veteran and the mother of a son on the spectrum, she is advocating for expanding the qualifying conditions of the Texas Compassionate Use Program to include, at the very least, PTSD and autism. Dena is an avid gardener and hopes to one day have the right, by law, to use her green thumb for growing cannabis at home, and to create medicinal tinctures to relieve the suffering of her family and friends.

4. Bob Smilie is a husband, father of 4, trucker and a Juror Rights Activist for the Fully Informed Jury Association. He believes the War on Drugs is a War on our Freedom and wants to educate Texans about how to end this war with Jury Nullification. Alcohol Prohibition was ended with Jury Nullification and Bob believes that Cannabis Prohibition will be ended with Nullification too.

5. Michael Blackert was born in Arizona in 1981 and enlisted in the Army out of Alabama in 2004 shortly after meeting his wife (then girlfriend). After serving ten years in the US Army and three years spent in serving in five of the seven campaigns in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was medically retired as a Staff Sergeant because of the many injuries sustained while deployed. Today he resided in Fort Worth, TX with his two children and loving wife. He is currently a senior at Texas Christians University completing his Bachelors of Social Work and hoping to start his Masters in August 2017 at TCU.

6. US Navy Veteran and college student Rob Williams will be giving his first public speech about the injustices faced by our veterans being forced to take pills instead of a non-toxic therapeutic herb like cannabis.

More speakers to be announced soon!